St Albans Road, Harpenden

We're planning to create a new controlled toucan crossing and improve access for pedestrians on the northern St Albans leg and eastern Walkers Road leg of the nearby roundabout.

What's happening?

We've proposed the following measures to be made in the 2017/2018 financial year:

  • Application for Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the implementation of a signalised pedestrian crossing
  • Construct a refuge island with tactile paving and guardrail
  • Extend and widen existing footway on northbound side for the new staggered toucan crossing
  • Add new signs and road markings for the pedestrian crossing
  • Relocate existing gullies adjacent to crossing area to prevent water ponding at crossing points
  • Provide new toucan traffic signals
  • Widen splitter island on northern and eastern legs of roundabout and modify tactile paving
  • New dropped kerbs and tactile paving to be provided on either side of the northern and eastern legs of the roundabout.

Why is this happening?

We're doing this to provide a safer controlled crossing point for pedestrians along St Albans Road near to the junction with West Common Way.