Station Road and High Street, Watton at Stone

We're putting traffic calming measures along Station Road between the railway bridge and High Street junction.  We'll also be adding parking restrictions along High Street at The Bull Public House and no waiting restrictions around the junction with Rivershill.

The works will be carried out by Ringway starting 6 February 2017 until 31 March 2017.

What's happening?

  • Installing speed bumps near Moorysmead Close and a speed table near the junction with Hazeldell.
  • Improving pedestrian access along Station Road by adding a dropped crossing and warning paving at the junctions with Moorymead Close, Hazeldell, Gelbe Close, Rectory Lane and High Street.
  • Adding double yellow lines along Station Road to ease traffic.
  • Improving footpaths on Station Road opposite the junction with Rectory Lane.
  • Putting parking restrictions, single and double yellow lines along High Street at The Bull Public House.
  • Putting double yellow lines on High Street/Rivershill junction.
  • Upgrading bus stops on High Street near The Bull pub.

Why is this happening?

We're doing this to improve safety and access for pedestrians and ease traffic flow.