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Hertfordshire County Council

Types of roadworks

We use a range of surfacing options to maintain roads and pavements. If we're carrying out roadworks in your area you may receive a leaflet about what we'll be doing.

Carriageway micro surfacing

A fast and cost effective way of improving the road. A new surface is laid over the existing road to seal and protect it.

We'll advertise the roadworks with yellow signs and dates.

The dates give a time period for the works to take place, they will not necessarily last the full duration.

Visit for more information on the roadworks near you.

Carriageway surface dressing

Hot bitumen and chippings are used to seal and protect the road. This is a fast, efficient and cost effective way to repair your road.

We'll use yellow warning signs to let you know dates the works will take place.

The works may not take place on the first date advertised but will take place during the dates shown on the sign. has full information on works near you.

Footway micro surfacing

A fast and effective way of preserving your paths. We'll lay the new surface on the current path to seal and protect it.

Whilst the works are in progress we'll set up the necessary diversions.

At you can find information about roadworks near you.