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Hertfordshire County Council

Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Mischief Makers! Collect the stickers. Solve the clues. Find the buried treasure.

Whilst tackling this year’s free challenge, you'll search Beanotown for a mysterious buried treasure.


You'll have help from the most famous mischief makers of them all – Dennis and Gnasher!

Dennis the Menace reading a book


Tell us about the books you've read. You’ll collect stickers with all the clues you need to find the treasure!

JJ reading a book

With over 21,000 Hertfordshire children taking part in last year’s Summer Reading Challenge, would you want to miss out?

Rubi using a tablet

Visit your local library for your free starter pack from Saturday 14 July.

Not a member yet?  Join online or at any Hertfordshire library.

The challenge

  • Read 6 library books – story books, fact books, talking books and e-books all count!
  • Pop in to the library and tell us what you thought.
  • You get stickers for every 2 books you read to help you find the treasure!

Read all 6 books and you'll get a medal and certificate!




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