Hertfordshire County Council hosts an ecological advisory service for Local Authorities in Hertfordshire.

The services benefit from having access to sites, species and habitat information provided by the Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre, the hub of ecological data in the county.

In this way staff gain access to a level of detail on species and sites that is not yet available more publicly.

The type of work the service does varies slightly geographically but includes:

  • Checking the weekly lists of planning applications in a district for potential threats to important sites or to species protected by law;
  • Responding to developers' and householders' needs for advice before they submit a planning application;
  • Providing a considered response to sponsors on the ecological issues raised by particular planning applications;
  • Continuing to provide advice on whether planning conditions relating to ecology have been complied with;
  • Providing expert witness evidence to Public Inquiries and other formal proceedings where appropriate;
  • Advising sponsors on best ecological policy and practice (e.g. by commenting on local development documents, transport plans, Green infrastructure plans, etc);
  • Contributing to the Hertfordshire Quality of Life report;
  • General on-site and over-the-phone advice to sponsors' landowners and managers; and
  • As resources permit, specific advice on orchard management and agri-environment schemes.

Current users of the service:

We are always willing to discuss how it might help meet a new partner's needs, and new partners are sought within all tiers of government, agencies and NGOs.

Email our planning team for planning enquiries about minerals, waste and county council property such as schools and fire stations.