Department for Transport - Shared-Use Paths (2019)

DfT Guidance on shared-use paths.

Hertfordshire Citizens Academy - Rural Crime Module (2016)

Two-thirds of Hertfordshire is rural and while rural areas tend to have higher levels of community safety (the Office for National Statistics have shown that, the more rural an area is, the lower the crime rate will be), there are crimes that can particularly affect rural communities. 

This Rural Crime module from the Hertfordshire Citizens Academy introduces the kinds of crimes that rural communities sometimes experience and the actions you can take to help keep yourself and our rural communities safe.

Panshanger Country Park (2015)

During 2015 the LAF have been looking at the existing public access to the park and lobbying the owners, Tarmac to increase public access as soon as possible, including hearing from SUSTRANS and the BHS.  SUSTRANS Ranger Recommendations; BHS Assessment.

Nature & Access, Grants and the Hertfordshire Year of Walking (2015)

In 2015 the LAF will be looking at how nature and access go together by looking at the 'Local Nature Partnership' hosted on the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust website.  Looking at new funding opportunities via the GrantFinder website.  The LAF are also working closely with Hertfordshire County Council on the Hertfordshire Year of Walking.

Canal & River Trust Consultation (2014-15)

LAF are looking at the issues of shared use on tow paths.  The Canal & River Trust have produced a 'Sharing Towpaths' report.

Ellenbrook Park (2011-15)

From Summer 2011 to date, HertsLAF has been devoting some of their attentions to projects like: Ellenbrook Park by writing a letter to Goodman (the landowner).  Commenting also on the recent Minerals & Housing proposals.


The following topics  affecting access in Herts have been lobbied by HertsLAF:

Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SFRI) proposal in Herts (2011)

  • Visited the side and viewed the access issues arising from this huge proposed development (sheds alone are half a kilometre long);
  • Responded to the planning consultation for which planning permission has currently been denied, but the developers are to appeal.

Local Development Framework (LDFs) in Herts (2011)

  • Compiled and agreed a generic statement on access issues;
  • Sent it to all 10 district planning authorities in Herts for consideration in their LDF Core Strategies and Local Development Documents (LDDs).

More topics

Safer road crossings

LAF have met with Herts Highways, Rights of Way Service and CSF and are moving forward in identifying the most dangerous crossings on the RoW network in Herts.  After this they will then be in a position to use a consultant to identify means and ways of improving safety. (March 2010, ongoing) .

Heartwood Forest Project (WT)

Heartwood Forest gained its approval following the EIP from the Forestry Commission and now the Woodland Trust have planted over 90,000 trees on the 850 acre site.

We need to keep working with the WT to ensure access for all users is improved and enhanced. (March 2010).  LAF is one of the current active consultee on the project.  LAF Members are involved in the Environment Impact Assessment for the site. (Still current, 2011)

Access in future developments

The LAF are actively involved in the initial stages of major developments to ensure Access is considered as part of the plan.  LAF is keen to be consulted and involved from the early stages of these developments to ensure a high priority for Access and Green Spaces is achieved. (May 2009)

Reintroduction of Grazing on Common Land

LAF has been formally consulted on grazing on Common land.(2011 and still ongoing) and "Herts Common Watch” new group on grazing issues

RoWIP (Rights of Way Improvement Plan)

LAF Members actively advised the RoW Service following their initial consultation with the Public and Stakeholders on the RoWIP. LAF then suggested to the RoW their priorities for improvements across the County.  LAF regularly receives updates on the plan and implementation and are asked for their comments. (Ongoing)


  • Aldenham Country Park
  • Alban Way consultation
  • British Waterways/EA Consultation
  • Rural Forum and LTP Forum
  • RoW Policies/Prioritisation