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Hertfordshire County Council

We help to improve the management of local green space, such as a Local Nature Reserve or park. You don't need any previous experience to join a group as we provide training.


What you'll be doing

  • Producing ideas on the management of the site
  • Holding agreed practical conservation volunteer activities, walks and events on the site for local people
  • Helping your local authority to develop, implement and monitor site management plans
  • Accessing external funding for improvements on the site such as play area equipment, benches or a walking trail.

Group meetings

The meetings are flexible and vary depending on the needs of the group or site. Some get together as regularly as once a month, whilst others meet a few times a year.

A Countryside Management Service officer meets the group and site owner at least once a year to discuss the progress of management plans.

Groups we're happy to endorse

Friends groups are available all over Hertfordshire:


Friends of Wormley Open Spaces
Friends of Cheshunt Park


East Herts


North Herts

St Albans

Three Rivers

Welwyn Hatfield

Countywide organisations


What you gain from the role

Community involvement and ownership of your local green space and gain new and transferable skills.

Support we give

We'll give you an action pack to make sure you get a proper introduction to the group.

We support friends groups by:

  • Providing the opportunity for groups to contribute to the management plan for the site
  • Providing tools and training to undertake planned practical management
  • Supporting the Friends group as it develops
  • Providing access to training
  • Sharing good practice


You can claim travel to and from training days if you're using public transport or your own vehicle.

Contact us

Call 01992 588433 or email us for more information about the group and how to join. 


Contact the Countryside Management Service

01992 588433

Countryside Management Service Office (Car Park H)
Environment Department (CHG001)
County Hall
SG13 8DN