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Hertfordshire County Council

Why it's important

  • Air quality affects everyone's health. Hertfordshire has some of the worst air pollution outside of London.
  • Children's health can be especially affected. High pollution is linked to respiratory conditions such as asthma.
  • New research shows that air pollution from motor exhaust fumes may increase the risk of dementia.

The difference you can make

  • Turn your car engine off when you're not driving and stop pollutants entering the air. Be especially careful near schools.
  • Leave your car at home and share your journey, so there are less vehicles on the road.
  • Walk or cycle if possible and travel sustainably.

Show your support

  • Talk about this issue with your family, friends and colleagues, and share this information with them.
  • See the Clean Air Day website for more information or to make a pledge.

Clean Air Day website

Clean Air day children

Air pollution is worse for children

  • Find out how exposure to air pollution affects children’s health and why it’s worse for children than adults.

Air pollution and children

Clean Air day dog's pledge

Make a pledge to reduce the amount of pollution you make

  • Switch off your engine whenever you can.
  • Walk your children to school.
  • Share tips to cut air pollution with others.

Make a pledge

Clean Air day young boy

Working together to improve air quality in Hertfordshire

  • Hertfordshire County Council in partnership with East Herts District Council, St Albans Town Council and other district authorities are all working together to improve air quality within Hertfordshire.
  • We're also working to make you aware of the difference you can make.



Free resources

  • See how to give your plans for Clean Air Day an extra boost with expert advice.
  • Get advice on how to run an event.
  • Access webinars, toolkits and other helpful information.

Free resources