The initial consultation on the review of the Minerals Local Plan took place between 3 August and 16 October 2015.

The Initial Consultation Document sets out the issues and options for minerals planning in the county. It was the first consultation that the county council had carried out during the process of reviewing the county's existing Minerals Local Plan (adopted March 2007).

The document did not include any sites for extraction or policies against which planning applications will be determined in the future.

Subsequent versions of the Plan will be available to comment on, at which time both policies and sites will be included.

The document contained 25 issues related to the contents of the emerging plan.



A total of 58 consultees responded, making 347 representations between them. This equated to 616 comments on the issues of the consultation document.

Consultation responses have been analysed and will assist with the preparation of the Draft Plan. Here's a summary of the representations received and responses.


Consultation and Supporting Documents

For information, the following documents were published for consultation:

Topic Papers

The council produced a series of topic papers as background information for the chapters in the Initial Consultation Document.

Comments were not sought on these documents. Their purpose was to help the reader understand the consultation document. They appear below for information only at this stage.