We (Hertfordshire County Council) have a legal responsibility to review our adopted Minerals Local Plan, including multiple public consultations.

Our review assesses whether the sites and policies in the plan are still appropriate. We also assess whether we need to identify new potential sites for mineral extraction.

The Minerals Local Plan is currently under review. The process began in 2015.

You can find the timetable for reviewing and producing the Minerals Local Plan in our Minerals and Waste Development Scheme. The timetable is also currently under review.

Stages of the review

2019 - Consultation on the Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan

2017-18 - Consultation on the Draft Minerals Local Plan

2016 - Call for Sites

Our Site Selection Methodology Report (PDF 481kb) was developed by LUC and Cuesta Consulting in May 2015. The report was subject to consultation during the initial consultation (August - October 2015). We updated it to reflect the views and opinions expressed in response to the consultation.

We used the updated Site Selection Report (PDF 643kb) (December 2015) to assess the sites that were put forward during the Call for Sites exercise.

We carried out a call for sites exercise, which ended on 10 April 2016. This was a request (sent to landowners, mineral operators, and agents) to submit sites within Hertfordshire (i.e. parcels of land) that contain mineral reserves (primarily sand and gravel) that may be suitable for extraction.

We undertook a detailed site assessment on the sites that were put forward, to identify which sites met our requirement for providing sand and gravel over the period the emerging Minerals Local Plan would cover. See the sites we identified in the Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan.

We also produced an equalities impact assessment addendum (PDF 123kb) to support the call for sites.

2015 - Initial consultation on the review of the Minerals Local Plan


Background and evidence base documents

These documents accompany the plan and inform its contents.