We'll be publishing the Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan between 14 January 2019 and 22 March 2019.

This is the minerals planning document we will submit to the Secretary of State for consideration by an independent Planning Inspector. We publish this Regulation 19 Plan so we can invite comments regarding the 4 tests of soundness.

The timetable for producing the Minerals Local Plan is as follows:

Minerals Local Plan Timetable



 Key stages



Draft Plan Consultation



Proposed Submission



Submission to Secretary of State






Adoption of Minerals Local Plan

See more information about the timetable for this review in the  Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (PDF 817kb) Opening a new window.

Review stage

Draft Minerals Local Plan 2017-18

A consultation on the Draft Minerals Local Plan ran between 4 December 2017 - 9 February 2018.

Call for Sites 2016

Our Site Selection Methodology Report was developed by LUC and Cuesta Consulting in 2015. It was produced to set out a methodology to identify suitable sites for the extraction of sand and grave land brick clay in the county. It also included a methodology for the identification of Minerals Safeguarding Areas (MSAs) and Minerals Consultation Areas (MCAs).

The Site Selection Methodology (May 2015) was subject to consultation during the Initial Consultation (August to October 2015).

Following on from the Initial Consultation, the Site Selection Methodology has been updated to reflect the views and opinions expressed in response to the consultation. The updated Site Selection Report will be used to assess the sites that were put forward during the Call for Sites process. 

The council carried out a Call for Sites exercise which ended on Sunday 10 April 2016. This was a request for sites within Hertfordshire that contain mineral reserves (primarily sand and gravel) that may be suitable for extraction.

A detailed site assessment is now being undertaken on the sites that were put forward, to identify which sites meet the council’s requirement for providing sand and gravel over the next 15 years and will be considered for inclusion in the revised version of the Minerals Local Plan. The sites will each be assessed against our Site Selection Methodology (December 2015) as outlined in the section above.

It is intended that the Draft Plan will be published for further public consultation in summer 2017 and will include the sites that have met our requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the Call for Sites or the next stage of the process, contact us.


Initial Consultation 2015

The Initial consultation on the review of the Minerals Local Plan took place between 3 August and 16 October 2015. 

Supporting Assessments

Minerals Local Plan Review Equality Impact Assessment

We have a duty to carry out an Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA) of the Minerals Local Plan Review.

This can help determine how the Minerals Local Plan will affect different groups of people and minimise any negative impacts in respect of age, disability, race, gender reassignment, pregnancy & maternity, religion/belief, sex and sexual orientation.

See the EqIA for the review of the Minerals Local Plan and the addendums for:

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Hertfordshire County Council as Minerals Planning Authority has produced an updated Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2018 (PDF 9.7mb) Opening a new window for the review of the Minerals Local Plan. Please see the addendum (PDF 13.5mb) Opening a new window to the Level 1 SFRA which assessed sites considered for inclusion in the Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan.

Sustainability Appraisal

We must ensure our Minerals Local Plan contributes towards sustainable development objectives. To do this we must undertake a Sustainability Appraisal which assesses the potential social, environmental and economic impacts of the Plan.

Health Impact Assessment

We've produced a Health Impact Assessment (PDF 495kb) Opening a new window for the review of the Minerals Local Plan.

Sites and Areas Identified for future mineral extraction

The Draft Minerals Local Plan identified 3 Proposed Specific Sites and one Proposed Preferred Area as future locations for mineral extraction. Details can be viewed in the attachments below.

Specific Site 1 - Hatfield Aerodrome

Specific Site 2 - Hatfield Quarry - Furze Field

Specific Site 3 - Hatfield Quarry - Land adjoining Coopers Green Lane

Preferred Area 1 - The Briggens Estate (Olives Farm)