We (Hertfordshire County Council) have a legal responsibility to review our adopted Waste Local Plan, including multiple public consultations.

Every five years, we review:

  • our adopted plan documents and the policies they contain
  • our Supplementary Planning Document
  • changes to national policy.

The Waste Local Plan is currently under review.
The process began in 2017.

You can find the timetable for reviewing and producing the Waste Local Plan in our Minerals and Waste Development Scheme. The timetable is also currently under review.


Stages of the review

2021 - Draft Waste Local Plan consultation - open until 19 March 2021

2018 - Call for sites

Our call for sites exercise ended on Sunday 16 September 2018. This was a request to put forward potential sites in Hertfordshire for new waste management facilities (such as recycling centres or waste transfer stations) or enhancements/extensions to existing facilities.

We undertook detailed site assessments on the sites that were put forward, to identify which might help to meet the county's waste needs and be suitable for inclusion in the Draft Waste Local Plan.

We presented the conclusions from our site assessments to the Growth, Infrastructure, Planning & Economy Cabinet Panel on 01 July 2019 and included them in the Draft Waste Local Plan consultation.

2018 - Initial consultation on the Waste Local Plan

EqlA Addendum for the WLP call for Sites 2018 (PDF 664KB)


Equalities impact assessments

Waste Local Plan review - Equalities impact assessment (PDF 590kb)

We also produce addendums at each stage of the review.


If you have any questions regarding the review, contact us.