Assessments and reports

Strategic environmental assessment

By law, we must undertake a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) when developing or revising a local transport plan. This involves assessing the different environmental, social and economic impacts.

As part of the process, we are required to:

  • Produce a scoping study
  • Undertake consultation
  • Publish a final environmental report and an environmental statement.

Strategy consultations can be found under their individual documents in Supporting strategies, and reports are detailed blow:

The LTP4 Strategic Enviromental Report

LTP4 Consultation Report

This report presents a summary of feedback and subsequent amendments from the Local

Transport Plan Public Consultation in autumn 2017.

LTP4 Annual progress report

The Annual Progress Report shows the progress being made in delivering the LTP4 strategy, providing an update on the delivery of the schemes and objectives, as well as providing updated monitoring information for key performance indicators.

The Annual Progress Report will be produced annually to update on the progress being made and will also highlight any notable amendments to the policy context or service delivery which may change the which we work, as over time these changes may require us to adjust the overall direction on the Local Transport Plan or in the way we deliver particular elements. This Annual Progress Report will support effective oversight of the LTP4 delivery.

Equality impact assessment (EqIA)

An EqIA determines how the delivery of the local transport plan will affect different groups of people, encompassing race, gender, disability, age, religion/belief and sexual orientation. 

Habitats regulations assessment (HRA)

An HRA has been conducted to assess the likely impacts of the LTP on the integrity of nature protection areas (Natura 2000 sites).

Traffic and transport data reports (TTDR)

View the latest traffic and transport data annual reports.

Air quality protocol

We developed an air quality protocol because of the growing number of air quality management areas (AQMAs) declared on Hertfordshire's roads.

This protocol explains how we will work with district/borough councils to capture the data they require for air quality modelling. It also details support we can offer regarding AQMAs and the production of joint action plans.

Electric Vehicle Technical Paper

The Electric Vehicle Technical Paper aims to address various queries and issues raised during the LTP4 consultation regarding electric vehicle infrastructure and provision in the county, as well as other various technical issues and what the practical implications of electric vehicles might be. Given the current importance placed on Electric vehicles a technical report was produced.