BigHerts for Business Cycle Challenge

The BigHerts cycle challenge had its most successful year, beating the last two annual challenges on all criteria: businesses participating, staff participating and lapsed/non-cyclists participating.

A total of 725 Hertfordshire workers from 67 companies logged rides during the Challenge period (30th June to 20th July). LovetoRide Hertfordshire

Six public events took place in key business parks/areas, resulting in a range of positive press coverage. Important support came from Brompton Dock who provided their folding bikes for the events.

Watford Cycle Hub ran free Dr Bike sessions and Challenge for Change set up the events and will also be doing ongoing market research with riders to assess the longer term impact of the Challenge.

Organisations that did well in terms of participation and encouragement were invited to a prize-giving event on 25th July in Apsley. Pictured lower left are reps from BRE, RES, Royal Mail, Warner Brothers, Serena Software, Intu Watford, Dacorum Borough Council and West Herts Hospitals Trust, all of whom won individual or team certificates and prizes. Winners unable to attend on the day were Ericsson, Hightown Praetorian and Kodak.

This is the last time the Challenge will happen in its current guise, having been funded by LSTF. However, we expect the Year of Cycling programme to cover business requirements. National  Cycle to Work Day on 4th September is the next major business cycling event, coming shortly after the Mens Tour of Britain stage from Bath-Hemel. We encourage all local businesses to pledge and to encourage staff to participate.

Here are some tips to ensure staff take part, including those who do not normally cycle to work:

  • Remind people where bike storage and staff showers are
  • Review the amount of cycle parking in advance and ensure reasonable security is provided
  • Set up or involve a Bicycle User group (BUG) so that regular cyclists can encourage new riders with advice on safe routes etc
  • Consider rewards or incentives such as a bikers breakfast on the day
  • Consider/promote ideas such as Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme
  • Offer Dr Bike sessions from a provider such as Watford Cycle Hub

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