The BigHertsBigIdeas project aims to improve the local economy and reduce carbon emissions in Watford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead.

BigHertsBigIdeas for everyone

BigHertsBigIdeas projects have delivered a number of achievements including:

In Hemel Hempstead

  • Maylands area travel plan and car club.
  • 36 space double decked cycle parking at Hemel Hempstead rail station.
  • Network Hemel Hempstead.

In St Albans

  • A 1.4km Green Ring cycle way.
  • 180 cycle stands at St Albans City station.
  • Network St Albans - a partnership between local authorities, public transport operators and transport experts to provide residents of (and visitors to) St Albans with alternative transportation to private car.

In Watford

  • A412 St Albans Road cycle way.
  • Partial completion of cycle way improvements between Watford Junction rail station and Beechan Grove (A411).
  • Completion of pedestrian subway enhancements, including a subway wrap and 21 pedestrian information name plates.
  • 48 space double decked cycle parking at Watford Junction rail station.
  • Network Watford.

Across all areas

  • 230 buses fitted with automatic vehicle location equipment.
  • More cycle parking stands delivered across South West Hertfordshire.
  • Variable message signs and real time passenger information screens.
  • Scoots - an electric scooter assisted purchase scheme.
  • Travelsmart household travel planning.
  • Business and school travel planning.

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