Van and trailer permit application form

When you submit this form you are sending your information to Hertfordshire County Council (as the Data controller) the data on this form is being gathered for the purpose of issuing a van/trailer permit. Hertfordshire County Council will use this information to administer the van/trailer permit scheme in accordance with the terms and conditions which can be found on the WasteAware website.

As a Local Authority, Hertfordshire County Council has a responsibility under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 51 which states that a waste disposal authority has a duty to provide household waste recycling centre facilities.  The information you have provided will be used to allow us to fulfil this duty.

The information you give us will be held by the Waste Management Unit of Hertfordshire County Council and will only be used for the purposes of allocating and monitoring the van/trailer permit scheme. In order to deliver this service we will share your information with our Contractor Amey.

We may also share information with the police or other agencies if it is necessary for the following purposes:

a) The prevention or detection of crime

b) The apprehension or prosecution of offenders

c) The abuse of site staff

d) Fly tipping offences

The information that you supply to us will be kept on file for two years from the expiry of the van/trailer permit. For more information, including how to remove your data, visit our website privacy policy.

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