Recycler chuffed to win iPad mini

Galley Hill Primary School in Hemel Hempstead invited parents to join in with WasteAware’s recent recycling collection and one of their pupils was the lucky winner of the prize draw to win a refurbished iPad Mini 4.

Lilliana in reception class was thrilled to win and her mum Katja said, “The collection from school was an easy way to get rid of an old iron and printer that were no longer working. It was good to declutter and winning the iPad Mini was a brilliant surprise!”

Gail Ringrose at Galley Hill Primary, who organised the collections said, “It was a useful project to dispose of old electricals which were cluttering up much needed classroom space. Children also learnt, in the assembly provided, how important it is to dispose of electrical items responsibly. They must not go in the bin as they contain materials which can be toxic to the environment as well as valuable raw materials which can be recycled. The British Heart Foundation also picked up some of our old laptops which were no longer useful for our needs but which they tested and were then able to sell on ebay, once the data had been wiped.”  

182 schools took part in the electrical collections with over 30 tonnes being recycled. Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Waste, Terry Hone said, “Children really like to get involved and this type of collection gives them a really useful insight into recycling. We each throw away an average of 23Kg of electronic waste a year – heavier than an average seven-year-old boy! The WasteAware website gives practical hints on how to reduce your electrical waste and where to recycle it. ”

The prize was donated by Recycling Lives, a UK leader for combining business and charity. As the Producer Compliance Scheme for Hertfordshire County Council, they manage the electrical items taken to Herts Household Waste Recycling Centres. The prize was offered to encourage families to have a good declutter at home and participate in the recycling collections from schools.