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Recycling resources for schools

Download our information and activity packs, find out how you can recycle at school, or arrange a school visit.

About WasteAware

Find out what the WasteAware Partnership is and how to contact us.

Recycling and waste

Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership. Find out what you can recycle and where. Get household waste recycling centre (tip) opening times and directions. Apply for a van permit. Contact your district council about your local bin collection.

Where can I recycle?

Recycling, disposal and reuse facilities across the county. Locate your closest waste and recycling facility.

What can I recycle?

An A to Z list of household waste materials, including what can be recycled and how to dispose of them.

Find out more about real nappies

Which real nappies to buy, where to buy them and how to look after them.

Report littering or fly tipping

How to report littering or flytipping and what to do with waste that's been flytipped on your property.

Cole Green household waste recycling centre

How to get here, when we're open and what you can recycle here.

Berkhamsted household waste recycling centre

Berkhamsted household waste recycling centre - find out how to get here, opening hours, what you can recycle here and check the live webcam for queues.