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Dumping waste illegally can endanger people's health and harm the environment. Help us to prevent it by disposing of your waste responsibly and reporting cases of littering or flytipping.

If you witness fly tipping taking place, please call the police on 101 and report it as a crime in progress.

If you discover fly tipping or litter, please report it to your local district or borough council:

Report littering or fly tipping to your local council

What to include in your fly tipping report

Take photographs if you can and note down:

  • The date and time.
  • The location - is it close to water?
  • The type of waste and how much there is.
  • Is it loose and are there any leaking liquids?
  • Is the waste blocking a path and has it caused any damage?

If you saw the fly tipping happen:

  • How many people were there and what did they look like?
  • Details of their vehicle, if they used one.
  • How good your view was (how far away you were, what the weather was like and whether it was light or dark)

Fly tipping on your property

After reporting the flytipping, please try to secure it with a temporary fence so the evidence is not disturbed.

As a private land owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the flytipped waste is legally disposed of, including any costs. If the flytippers are prosecuted you may be refunded your clean-up costs.

How to dispose of it: