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Recycle this Christmas

Top tips to recycle your leftovers and keep Hertfordshire green this Christmas.

Christmas cardboard


The UK uses around 300,000 tonnes of card packaging at Christmas.

Don't put it in your bin – recycle it.

  • Flatten cardboard boxes.
  • Remove all food before recycling.
  • Card or paper packaging with glitter on out of your recycling.


Christmas tree


  • Donate your artifical tree to a charity shop (if it's in good condition).
  • Take real and artificial trees to your local recycling centre.
  • Check with your local council whether they collect real trees.

Remember!  Remove all decorations before you recycle your tree.


  • Glitter or foil paper can't be recycled – put it in your rubbish bin.
  • Recycle plain wrapping paper (non-foil or glitter) at your recycling centre.
  • Consider using fabric gift wrap which can be used again each year (and for birthdays too).

Remember!  Remove ribbons and bows before recycling wrapping paper.




Head over to the WasteAware Facebook page for what the WasteAware Elf is getting up to this year... 


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christmas cards
  • Buy cards with recycled content – avoid glitter or other stuck on bits.
  • Take your cards to the cardboard container at your recycling centre.
  • Cut them up to reuse as gift tags.
  • Recycle plain cards without glitter in your recycling bin at home.


Gift boxes.