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Fly tipping is illegal. If you see it in action, call the police on 999 and report it as a crime in progress.

Report all fly tipping to your local council, whether your saw it in progress or not.

Report littering or fly tipping to your local council

Record as many details as possible:

  • The exact location.
  • The date and time that you discovered the fly tipping.
  • Details and photos of the items.

If you saw the fly tipping happen:

  • Vehicle's registration number and details.
  • Description of the fly tippers (and photos if possible).
  • The direction they were travelling.

Fly tipping on your property

After reporting the flytipping, please try to secure it with a temporary fence so the evidence is not disturbed.

As a private land owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the flytipped waste is legally disposed of, including any costs. If the flytippers are prosecuted you may be refunded your clean-up costs.

How to dispose of it:


What we're doing to reduce littering

District and borough councils are running a number of initiatives, including:

  • anti litter posters in common littering areas
  • enforcement officers who can issue fixed penalty notices
  • recycling on-the-go bins in public areas
  • litter picking equipment to borrow
  • talks on littering for schools and community groups.

What's being done in your local area?


The Great British Spring Clean

We want to bring people together to clear up the litter in our towns, villages, countryside and beaches from 2 March 2018 - 25 March 2018.

Visit Keep Britain Tidy to get involved and help clean up your area.