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Hertfordshire County Council

We record all flood incidents that are reported to the flood risk management team.

We will then begin to investigate flooding incidents caused by surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourse, where they meet our assessment criteria.

Investigation assessment criteria 

Depending on the type of flooding incident, a basic assessment or more detailed investigation is carried out when:

  • the source of flooding is uncertain
  • residential properties have been flooded internally
  • there is uncertainty about the organisation responsible for resolving the flooding issue
  • internal flooding has occurred at a property more than once during a 10 year period
  • internal flooding of 5 or more properties has occurred during a flooding incident
  • internal flooding of a business property has occurred during a flooding incident
  • external flooding of land next to a property has occurred more than 5 times during a 10 year period
  • a critical service has been affected
  • roads and railways have been obstructed for over 10 hours
  • flooding potentially posed immediate, direct and real risk to life.  

Any affected residents, landowners and businesses will be contacted by our flood management team over the course of an investigation, as well as any relevant organisations such as the Environment Agency.

After the investigation, where possible we will work with other relevant organisations to implement the recommendations from the report.

Completed flood investigation reports 

Acorn Street, Hunsdon

Bragbury End, Stevenage

Green Street, Chorleywood


Leyton Road, Harpenden

Little Wymondley

Long Marston



Robbery Bottom Lane, Welwyn

Travellers Lane, Hatfield

Welwyn Garden City