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Hertfordshire County Council

Information on flood risk from surface water has been made available on web-based maps by the Environment Agency.    

The new surface water flood maps should lead to improved understanding and awareness of this type of flood risk.

Hertfordshire County Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority for Hertfordshire, has the role of managing flood risk from surface water and groundwater.  We will use the new Environment Agency flood maps to identify areas where the potential for surface water flood risk is significant and work with partners and residents to reduce flood risk where practically and economically feasible.

The surface water flood maps have been produced at a national level, making some assumptions about local conditions. Therefore the data should be seen as indicative only and needs to be interpreted alongside other relevant information such as the flooding history in the area, details of drainage and local observations.

Even when the potential for surface water flooding is identified through modelling such as in these maps, it is difficult to predict with certainty if forecast extreme rainfall will lead to flooding. However, increased awareness will hopefully lead to a better local understanding of how an area may be affected by surface water runoff, and allow householders to take simple but effective precautions to reduce their risk.

You can view the maps on the Environment Agency website.