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Hertfordshire County Council

It is important to plan ahead and stay up to date on flooding in your area to help protect your home.


You don't just have to live near a river to be at risk, especially if there is prolonged heavy rain which can cause surface water flooding. Here's a checklist of measures you can easily put into place to ensure your home or business is protected:

  1. Take out sufficient insurance cover to protect your property and valuables.
  2. Keep up to date with weather warnings.  
  3. Visit the National Flood Forum for advice on preparing an emergency flood kit or 'grab bag'.
  4. Have a flood plan in place.
  5. Search Blue Pages and find out about flood prevention products, including barriers, sandbags and vent covers.
  6. If you own a riverside property, read and follow the guidance advice available.  
  7. Check the flooding history of any property if you're looking to buy a new home.