Our Role in Planning

On 24 March 2015, Government laid a statutory instrument making the Lead Local Flood Authority a statutory consultee in planning for all major development in relation to the management of surface water drainage from 15 April 2015.  

Please refer to the National Planning Policy Framework and the planning practice guidance and non-statutory technical standards.

Our role is to advise the relevant Local Planning Authority on whether the proposed drainage scheme complies with the relevant technical standards and policies.  

The final decision as to whether the submitted surface water drainage scheme is acceptable is with the relevant Local Planning Authority.

The relevant Local Planning Authority will consult with us, as a statutory consultee, and will provide you with our response once received. As the Lead Local Flood Authority, we can only comment on documents that have been submitted to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Policies and guidance

To assist developers and Local Planning Authorities, the Lead Local Flood Authority has developed a set of policies and guidance within the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and a checklist of information that should be provided to support any planning application.

The guidance makes it clear what information is required from developers at the different stages of the development management process.

Surface Water Drainage Advisory Service

We offer an Advisory Service and this can be accessed by completing a formal request form. All completed forms can be sent to: 

This service details and charging rates are provided:  

Any advice given by Flood Risk Officers for surface water enquiries does not constitute a formal response or decision with regards to future planning consents. This decision is the responsibility of the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Ordinary watercourses

Any works proposed to be carried out that may affect the flow within ordinary watercourses, will require the prior written consent from the Lead Local Flood Authority under Section 23 of the Land Drainage Act 1991. This includes any permanent or temporary works, regardless of any planning permission.