We are responsible for managing flood risk across Hertfordshire, working with district and borough councils and other local organisations. 

We have produced a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Hertfordshire to help us determine where significant flood risk occurs and how to manage this risk.

We are also responsible for determining any works which could affect an ordinary watercourse.  These are rivers which do not form part of a main river and are marked specifically on a main river map.

We are also working with key partners to help make sure our existing water resources are used sustainably and how to manage future supply issues if water demand in the county increases.


It is important to plan ahead for how to protect yourself and your property and not wait until your property is about to flood before taking action.

The impact of flooding can be reduced through managing the threat and impact of floods.

Are you ready for flooding?

Preserving our water resources

It's important to think how we could use less water, whether at home or work, to help preserve our water resources both now and for the future.

More about preserving our water resources