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Hertfordshire County Council

What is a children's centre?

Children's centres help to provide the support and information you need to give your child the best start in life. From childcare to breastfeeding support, we provide the help you need.

Find a children's centre

What support can children's centres offer me?

Children's centres have a range of different support groups and activities for you and your child to get involved with:

They work with local midwives, GP's, health visitors, nurseries and community groups to make sure you get the support you need.

And if you are pregnant, congratulations! Find out what support you can get at children's centres – pregnancy and beyond.

Register with a children's centre

By registering, you and your child can have fun and meet new people. You'll receive the information or support you need and always have someone to talk to.


Refer a family to a children's centre

If you or a family you know would benefit from a children’s centre, you can refer them. The children’s centre will then contact the family.