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My baby's brain

Giving your baby the best possible start to life.

The building blocks for a healthy brain

  • These tips will help your baby's brain develop and evolve.
  • By doing these things, your baby will feel happier in itself.
  • It gives your baby the best start before they begin school.

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How a baby's brain works

  • In the first year your baby's brain will double in size.
  • There are about 100 million cells in the brain when they're born.
  • In the first 3 years your babys brain is growing as fast as it ever will.



  • Crying is the only noise a baby knows how to make. Try different things like playing or cuddling to see if it helps them.
  • When your baby has your full attention, its brain is working at its best. Copy their facial expressions or make sounds to see how your baby reacts.
  • As your baby gets older let them try and discover things themselves. If they're pointing at an object, let them play with it (if it's safe)..

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  • Use different types of touch. Massaging or finger games ('Round and round the garden') to stimulate your baby.
  • Try circular rubbing on the stomach if your baby has wind or constipation.
  • Cuddling is good for your baby but, as they get older, they may want to be left alone. This is the start of independence.

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  • Try ending play sessions with a wind down. Spend a few minutes of calm with your baby so they can relax.
  • Spend time 1 to 1 in a calm environment and enjoy each other's company.
  • Take the time out to relax yourself. Making sure you aren't stressed is just as important as your baby being relaxed.

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  • Join in with your child's games. If you do what they choose, it shows they're important.
  • Playing with your child is best if you're on their level. Try being creative with blocks or models to stimulate their brain.
  • Let your child use their imagination, invent their own games and explore ideas. You can help by role-playing with them as they get older.

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  • Your baby knows your voice before they're even born. Everything you tell them will help their speech development. Reading them poems and stories can really help too.
  • Copy your baby's sounds to help them learn new ones. Before you know it they'll be using words and sentences.
  • Keep your stronger tone for when you're warning them of something bad. This lets them know it's dangerous or wrong.

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Children's centres - Supporting you and your baby

  • Classes and activities to help you bond with your baby.
  • Working with local health professionals to get you the support you need.
  • A great way for your baby to begin socialising.

My baby's brain resources

  • Read our helpful guide to find out more about your baby's brain.
  • Go on a 1 day course for professionals.
  • Find out how you can help your baby's brain as it grows.

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