My teen brain - information for professionals

Information to help support a teen through some of the most important years of their life.

Our one-day course for professionals will help you to understand and support teens.

If the course is fully booked please join the waiting list on Eventbrite.  If there is demand for more training additional sessions will be booked.

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My teen brain resources

We've made some useful resources so you can practice and share my teen brain with parents:

Some other useful resources to for more information are:


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My teen brain for schools

My teen brain is available as a 45 minute school module, developed alongside Professor John Coleman.

Included in this module:

  1. Information pack to be given to students.
  2. Tutor’s guide.
  3. Accompanying slides.

The materials are interactive, with a quiz and a couple of short questionnaires for students.

The module has 3 learning objectives:

  • To learn about the changes that take place in the teenage brain.
  • To understand how memories are formed, and how this underpins learning.
  • To have some knowledge about emotion and stress, and what young people can do to manage their stress.

If you are planning on delivering this course, please email