Becoming a registered childminder

Make your first steps on the road to a career in childcare.

Where to begin?

Before you begin any training to become a childminder, it's recommended that you research the market first.

This can be:

  • getting in touch with your local children's centres to see if there is a demand for childminders
  • checking our directory in your area to see how many childminders there are currently
  • writing plans and procedures.

By doing this you'll be ready to start working as soon as you finish your training.

Training to become a childminder

To become a registered childminder you'll need to do some training on how to understand and implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Several organisations provide these courses:

How to register

When you've completed your training, you're then ready to apply online and become a registered childminder. There will be a small fee when you register.

Find out more about the fees and what happens after you apply.