The consultation on Hertfordshire’s school admissions arrangements for 2020/21 is now closed.

We were proposing to amend our admission arrangements. 

Hertfordshire County Council’s proposed school admission arrangements for 2020/21

We're proposing the following changes to our admission arrangements for 2020/21:

  1. To amend the definition of “rule 2 – exceptional social and medical reasons to attend a specific school” to include children previously looked after abroad and subsequently adopted;
  2. To amend the schemes of coordination to clarify the process for late applications and continuing interest
  3. To reduce the published admission number at four primary schools.

As required by the School Admissions Code (December 2014), we will also be consulting the governing bodies of all community and voluntary controlled schools where the school’s published admission number (PAN) is proposed to remain the same or increase.


The following arrangements have not been amended but are provided for information:


Proposed admission arrangements for voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies for 2020/21

Take a look at the proposed admission arrangements for academies, voluntary aided and foundation schools (2020/21).

To comment on or respond to the proposed arrangements, contact the schools directly. Your responses will be taken into account by the school when determining their arrangements.

Schools and academies without proposed arrangements for 2020/21 will continue to use the same arrangements as determined for 2019/20. Whilst these schools are not proposing any changes that require a consultation, schools may increase their published admissions number (PAN) without consultation.

Please visit the Schools Directory for information about a schools PAN for 2019/20.

Information on consultations underway outside of Hertfordshire

The following local authorities have advised us of their intention to consult on their admission arrangements for 2020/21:

The following schools in neighbouring local authorities have advised us of their intention to consult and a copy of their proposed admission arrangements and SIFs for 2020/21 are available below.

This is not a definitive list of schools that are consulting. Contact the relevant admitting authority directly for further information.