Governor Training

Welcome to our Governor Services training section. We hope the information contained will assist you with the system in place to book on a course and answer any questions you may have.

We welcome your feedback so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the cotent or have a general query, please email

Training courses and summary of content

The 2017/18 courses arranged through Governance Services can be found below. Please note some courses are only offered as a group training session (not in-house). 

Note: Find training specific to Chair of Governors/Committees and Clerks.

Training Subscription

The Governor Training Service provides governing boards with access to governor training sessions, either as part of the annual subscription or on a non-subscribing basis.  The subscription runs in line with the financial year (April – March) and is automatically renewed unless cancelled by your setting.

Annual subscription for primary and secondary maintained schools/single academies includes:

  • 2 (2-hours sessions) in-house courses (requests for additional in-house courses will be charged extra)
  • Attendance for new governors at Governor Induction (all-day course – lunch included)
  • Attendance at the Hertfordshire Governors’ Annual Conference (lunch included)
  • Attendance at group training sessions at a reduced rate of £15.00 per governor
  • Reduced rate to attend all day accredited Safer Recruitment training.

 Non-subscribers are charged:

  • £50.00 per governor (2-hour session)
  • £175.00 per governor (New Governor Induction/Safer Recruitment all day courses)
  • £275.00 (2-hours) in-house course.

In-house training:

Governors of subscribing schools/academies are entitled to 2 in-house training sessions per annum (must be booked and delivered within period of April – March). Only members of your governing board are entitled to attend. 

The in-house courses are shown in the last column of the Training courses 2017/18 (PDF)

To arrange a booking:

  • Firstly agree which course you would like to book before seeking 2-3 dates convenient to your members. 
  • The request should be emailed to and include the name of your setting; title of course; preferred dates and times.
  • A member of the Governance team will seek a trainer available for one of the dates offered and confirm by return once set up. We will endeavour to meet the dates provided so please help us by giving at least 3 weeks’ notice of preferred dates.

Group Training session:

Subscribers of subscribing schools/academies are entitled to attend any session at a reduced rate of £15.00 per governor.  The sessions will be attended by delegates from across Hertfordshire settings.

How do I book on a course?

You will need to have your governor ID no. and the school number, which can be provided by your clerk to governors.  If you are having difficulty obtaining this information, please email us

Online bookings will be confirmed once complete. The confirmation includes details of the cancellation policy. In the event you do not recieve confirmation, please notify us at the email

Cancellation charges

Please see below our cancellation charges. Please ensure you adhere to these timeframes if you have to cancel and avoid the setting incurring these charges.

Cancellations must be in writing and via email to

Cancellation charges will not apply if:

  • A fellow governor attends in your place (must be booked on at time of cancellation)
  • Your school has an Ofsted inspection.

 In-house session:

5 clear working days’ notice is required to cancel in-house (2-hour sessions).  Where less than 5 clear working days is given, the governing body forfeit the session.

Group Training sessions:

Cancellation charges of £15.00 (2-hour sessions) or £30.00 (all-day) for subscribers apply if the cancellation is outside of the following: 

  • 2-hour session – 2 clear working days’ notice
  • All day session – 5 clear working days’ notice

Cancellation charges of £50.00 (2-hour sessions) or £175.00 (all-day) for non-subscribers apply if cancellation is outside of the following: 

  • 2-hour group training session – 2 clear working days’ notice £50.00
  • All day session – 5 clear working days’ notice £175.00

Training frequently asked questions

Q. I am a new governor, what training do you recommend?
It is recommended that the Governor Induction is attended within the first 3-6 months of governorship, preferably after attending your first Full GB meeting. This is an all-day session (lunch is included) and provides an understanding of the governor role and responsibilities. 

Within the first 6 months, we recommend Safeguarding Children training for Governors (2 hour course).  All governors have a role to play to ensure the welfare and safety of children so this is useful to evidence a commitment to safeguarding. 

We would also strongly recommend attending Exclusions training within the first 6-12 months.

Q.How do I know if my governing board subscribes to Governor Training?

In the first instance check with your governing board (Chair or Head). 
Alternatively please email
or call 01438 843082.

Q. If my governing board subscribes to Governor Training, what does that include?

Full details of what is included in the subscription can be found on the
'Governor Training' page.

Q. What is the difference between an in-house and a group training event?

An in-house training event is for the members of your governing board
only; group training is open to governors from Hertfordshire being
invited.  For full details of costs (if applicable) and how to arrange /
book on please visit the 'Governor Training' page.

Q. What is the cost of having an in-house event?
If your school/academy subscribes to Governor Training this is part of your annual subscription.  If your school/academy does not subscribe the cost is £275.

*If you require a bespoke course based on one of our standard courses, a further fee may be applied to cover the additional preparation by the specialist team. An additional cost of £100 is applicable when having "Understanding School Performance Data" training using your own school's / academy's data.

If you have had your free sessions (two) for the financial year, and would like to book a third this can be arranged at an additional cost please contact

Q. My school/academy subscribes to Governor Training.  What is the cost to
attend a group training event at another venue?

A reduced cost of £15 per delegate will be charged to your school/academy
after the training has taken place, so please ensure you
notify the relevant member of your governing board and
school/academy of your booking so the cost can be reflected in the budget.

Q. My school / academy does not subscribe to Governor Training - what is the cost to attend a group training event at another venue?

A cost of £50.00 per delegate will be charged to your school/academy after the training has taken place, so please ensure you notify the relevant member of your governing board and school / academy so the cost can be reflected in the budget.

Q. If I need to cancel my place off a training course, how much notice do I have to provide and is there a charge?

Cancellations will only be accepted in writing and should be emailed within the time frames below to:   

Cancellations can only be made via the Governance team (you cannot do this online). 

Cancellation notice required
For evening or 2-hour events, 2 clear working days' notice is required.
For full-day training events, 5 clear working days' notice is required.
Failure to provide sufficient notice incurs the following charges:

Evening or 2-hour events: £15
Full-day group training events: £30
In-house governing board forfeit session.

Evening or 2-hour events: £50
Full-day group training events: £175
In-house £275

Q. Can we invite governors from other schools/academies to attend training?

In House training events are for the members of your school/academy's governing board only so please do not invite other schools/academies.  If requested and appropriate, we can arrange for 2 governing boards (for instance the Infants' and Juniors or the members of Trusts) to have their in-house training event together - this must be requested prior to the booking. However, any governor is invited to attend the group training events (costs applicable).

Q. If my governing board does not buy in, can we request training?
You can and this will be charged on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Q. My governing board has agreed what training they want, how do I book it?
For in-house training event requests we ask you to agree a few dates (no sooner than 4 weeks where possible).  You should email the suggested dates, time and the named course to and the training team will seek trainer availability before confirming a date with you.

Q. How do I find out what training is on offer through Governance?
All governors receive a termly email from Governance or see the full listing below.

Training Courses 2017-18 (PDF)

Q. How can I find out what training I have / my governing board has attended?
You can request for a training report from the Governance Helpdesk. Please email  for your copy.

Q. Can we buy into 1 term only?
No, a minimum purchase of 2 terms is required.  For that subscription you will be able to access 1 in-house; attend all-day Governor Induction and the Annual Governors Conference. Individual governors can also attend any group training sessions in the subscribing terms at a reduced rate of £15.00 per governor.  Please contact for cost to subscribe.

Q. We buy into the governor training and have already secured our 2 in-house sessions for this financial year.  Can we request a third in-house for this year?
Yes additional in-house sessions can be arranged.  As it is additional to the package a separate, charge will be made.  Please email: for cost details.

Q. I don’t know if my governing board buy into the governor training package.  How can I find out?
You can either ask your Chair of Governors or email asking the question.  Please provide the name of the school/academy in the email.

Q. How will I know if my booking is confirmed?
After you have processed the booking, you will receive a confirmation email with the details. If you don’t receive confirmation please check by calling 01438 843082. 

Q. If the course I would like to book on is full, will I go on a waiting list or do I have to keep trying to book a place?
You will automatically be recorded on a waiting list.  If a place becomes available you will be notified.

Q. Can I pay the cancellation charge myself instead of my school being charged?
We will only be able to make the charge to the school, but you may be able to arrange to reimburse the school through your school office.

Q. Will I still be charged a cancellation fee if I am ill or unavoidably detained on the day?
Unfortunately we would still need to charge your school for last minute cancellations, unless another governor can attend in your place.

Q. Can we carry forward an in-house if not arranged in the current financial year?
No, the only time we will honour a carry forward is if your setting receives an Ofsted visit.  We send termly reminders to book training and encourage governing boards to set dates early to avoid losing a training opportunity.

Please see Governors frequently asked questions.