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Skip licences

A skip licence is necessary when a skip is placed on the highway. Hertfordshire County Council as the Highway Authority issues skip licences, and it seeks to maintain the safety of the public and minimise the obstruction caused by a skip. It is illegal to place a skip on the highway without permission from the Highway Authority.

Skip hire companies apply for and are granted skip licences. This is to ensure that the onus of responsibility is placed on the skip hire company to follow the rules and regulations. In Hertfordshire the charge for a skip licence is £37 for a 14 day licence and a £18 charge for every additional seven day extension. 

Please note that we require proof of your £10m Public Liability Insurance.

There is no automatic right to have a skip on the highway outside your home. Wherever possible we will ask for a skip to be placed on your land.

When considering if it is possible to grant a licence or not we take into account the following:

  • Traffic volumes and speed of traffic on the street
  • Visibility - does the skip cause a danger by reducing visibility?
  • Available width of the highway
  • Disruption to other road users - the site may affect pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes or bus lanes
  • Access to premises
  • The effect it will have on parking, and restrictions (a skip cannot be placed on a yellow line during the time of the restriction). 
  • Planned or existing roadworks
  • Other local and specific issues, for example shopping areas at Christmas

The Highway Authority will visit the site of your skip to inspect the condition of the road/path/verge before the skip is delivered so that if the skip causes any subsequent damage, this can be fairly assessed.

Do It Online

In order to be able to apply to place a skip on the Highway you first need to register as a business and then Login to apply for skip operator status.