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Contract and Tendering information

Ref.Contract NameSupplier NameTotal ValueStart DatePeriod (months)End Date
HCC1911926 A system to capture, store, report and share satisfaction ratings and comments left by customers about our website (including mobile) Customer Service Centre phone lines and emails, web chat and social media channels.ROL Solutions Ltd£29,823.0031/03/20204931/03/2024
HCC1810621 The service is to ensure that our current and new suppliers providing goods and services to Hertfordshire County Council are financially healthy. Producing risk credit reports Used G-Cloud CCS Framework. Business information reports, risk and financial insight on our top suppliers. To continually assess risk across our portfolio of suppliers and receive email alerts.Dun & Bradstreet Ltd £26,600.0001/05/20183630/04/2024
HCC23149961-Year Software Maintenance and Assurance for SPVComputacenter (UK) Ltd£7,466.5820/06/20231319/07/2024
HCC22142832 year pilot onlySustainable Commute Solutions£67,000.0010/10/20222410/10/2024
HCC23150173rd Party Relay in cloud to allow third party sending on behalf of HCC securelyChess Cyber Security£8,955.0001/10/20231230/09/2024
HCC2112748A case management system to collect, store and report data required to deliver the work of Trading Standards.Civica UK Ltd£180,000.0001/11/20216531/03/2027
HCC2214309A single tender action is required to enable continuous delivery of an e-tendering system to Hertfordshire County Council and Supply Hertfordshire members.In-Tend Ltd£29,079.4801/01/20231231/12/2023
HCC2315424Antivirus software for server protectionInsight Direct (UK) Ltd£16,000.0025/11/20231224/11/2024
HCC2315423Anti-virus software for storage solutionsInsight Direct (UK) Ltd£9,000.0001/04/20231231/03/2024
HCC2315036Avco AnyComms Plus Software Licence for Secure Data Collection Avco Systems Ltd£26,000.0001/09/20231231/08/2024
HCC1306076Avco Software Licence for Secure File transfer between HCC and public/3rd party suppliersAvco Systems Ltd£31,250.0001/10/20231230/09/2024
HCC2315026Avco Software Licence for Secure File transfer between Hertfordshire LEA and SchoolsAvco Systems Ltd£5,000.0001/10/20231230/09/2024
HCC2314878Capacity Planning and Reporting solution that generates forecasting reports for all objects within Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager data warehouse.CDW Limited£979.0010/11/20231209/11/2024
HCC2213607Cloud hosted document management and retention system for corporate record keeping.SynApps Solutions Ltd£1,500,000.0030/06/20222429/06/2024
HCC2113285Cloud software for Hertfordshire County Council Zengenti Ltd£91,344.0017/07/20212417/07/2024
HCC2012033Database system for Fire Prevention and Fire ProtectionCivica UK Ltd£180,000.0001/04/20213631/03/2024
HCC2314765Database used for the management of planning applications, Section 106 agreements, planning enforcement matters, Highways Planning.DEF Software Limited£177,635.0001/05/20227230/04/2028
HCC2112817Device End Point Defence Platform - 'Absolute' PC Asset ManagementDell Corporation UK Ltd£155,000.0001/04/20213631/03/2024
HCC2315023Egress Workspace secure collaboration for 50 usersSatisnet Limited£11,500.0001/03/20231128/02/2024
HCC1710150Full Committee Management System to enable paperless panel meetings that offer digital bundles that can be digitally edited. Paperless meetings system used by Members and Fostering & Adoption panel teams. Civica UK Ltd£17,429.0001/07/20231230/06/2024
HCC2113479Hertfordshire air quality modelRicardo AEA Ltd£100,000.0001/04/20224531/12/2025
HCC2314626Highways Project Management Software (PMNet)Athium Limited£85,000.0001/04/20231830/09/2024
HCC1911565Install system to locate a deskOccupeye£56,308.0001/07/20196001/07/2024
HCC1609214IT system managing HR Service Desk queries and case management tracking and storage of employee relations and ill health cases. Sunrise Software Ltd£210,000.0027/02/20178631/03/2024
HCC1306739Maintenance for postal scanning tool.AAC Systems Ltd£23,458.1501/09/20231231/08/2024
HCC2314879Management solution for migrations and Teams and SharePoint operations.CDW Limited£32,253.6329/05/20233628/05/2026
HCC1003203Microsoft Enterprise AgreementMicrosoft Ireland Ltd£2,343,715.0001/12/20222430/11/2024
HCC1810638New MDT Software for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service3TC£215,000.0001/10/20184401/06/2024
HCC2315020Nightly vulnerability scanning of HCC public facing interfacesJumpsec£11,500.0001/03/20231128/02/2024
HCC2314881Notification & incident response system for on-prem and hybrid cloud deployments. Computacenter (UK) Ltd£7,453.4713/05/20231212/05/2024
HCC1508259Novated from Logica CMG to HCC at end of Logica Contract HCC0700317, at this time Serco agreed to become payment agent. This role reverted to HCC in 2014 for 2015 maintenance Annual Payment and ongoing.SAP UK Ltd£2,500,000.0001/01/201512031/12/2024
HCC2314882Oracle JavaComputacenter (UK) Ltd£71,569.4325/05/20231224/05/2024
HCC1003510Oracle licensing, support & maintenanceOracle Corporation UK Ltd£48,739.7906/04/20231205/04/2024
HCC2315383PeopleFluent will provide support and maintenance to its own module in SAP which displays the organisational positions across departments, known as OrgPublisher. In addition to technical fixes, HCC will be able to receive product upgrades should it wish to update the product.PeopleFluent Ltd£5,266.0001/01/20241231/12/2024
HCC2314600Provision of a DDRT Technology provider for an expansion to our current DRT in North an East Herts. £25,000.0001/04/20233631/03/2026
HCC2314582Provision of an analytics tool for use during financial investigations to support criminal investigations and the use of POCA.Altia Solutions Ltd £8,805.0001/04/20231231/03/2024
HCC2314567Provision of SNOW Software Licencing Management SolutionCDW Limited£336,060.0019/03/20233618/03/2026
HCC2315037RedSpam - DDoS monitoring, mitigation and management solutions that prevent targeted malicious attacksVANIX£22,950.0001/03/20231128/02/2024
HCC2012258SEND Transport Payment Card System to support the delivery of personal budgets for parents and carers of children with SENDAllPay Ltd£80,000.0028/09/20206001/09/2025
HCC2315022SOC-Automation internal threat huntingSatisnet Limited£54,000.0025/02/20231224/02/2024
HCC2214299Software for managing insurance claimsRiskonnect ClearSight Limited£48,000.0006/06/20231205/06/2024
HCC2314490Software for the provision of an integrated children and adult client recording, management and finance systemLIQUID LOGIC LTD£2,258,158.0001/04/20238431/03/2030
HCC2315382Software for the provision of on-premise data protection, backup and recoveryCDW Limited£87,401.0027/11/20231226/11/2024
HCC2314661Software Licencing ProvisionBytes Software Services Ltd£151,164.5001/04/20233631/03/2026
HCC2213928Software required to increase the capability, capacity and dissemination of analytics to support population health management. Facility for 12 month extension from 20/01/25.Jumping Rivers£250,000.0020/01/20232419/01/2025
HCC2314563Software tool for managing adults and children's social care finance contracts, payments, assessments, and billing.Oxford Computer Consultants£900,558.0001/04/20238431/03/2030
HCC2315207Software tool to generate, consolidate, and autofill strong and secure passwordsCDW Limited£1,590.0018/09/20231217/09/2024
HCC2314990Solution provides CAD to field communications to officers via Tom Tom and to crews via MDTs.Lampada Digital Solutions Limited£24,743.0001/09/20231231/08/2024
HCC1911931Spend Analysis for procurement dataAtamis Limited£19,500.0001/04/20203631/03/2024
HCC2314689Suite of Income Management Software, e-commerce, face-to-face, automated telephone payments, agent taken telephone payments. Civica UK Ltd£235,000.0001/04/20232929/09/2025
HCC2314892TeamViewer Microsoft Teams meeting room remote toolTeamViewer Germany GmbH£3,990.0023/06/20231222/06/2024
HCC2315038Tenable SC Internal Vulnerability Scanning for Infrastructure patching Serco Limited£53,841.0102/10/20224702/09/2026
HCC2012616The Provision of a database for the CCRAG PartnershipPeople Places Lives Limited (PPL)£200,000.0010/05/20213610/05/2024
HCC2314601The Provision of a DDRT Technology provider in West of Hertfordshire £37,000.0001/04/20233631/03/2026
HCC2315160The provision of a Library Management SystemCivica UK Ltd£566,440.0001/08/20236031/07/2028
HCC2314704The provision of a system to create surveys and questionnaires to collect information from members of the public and staff. Smart Survey£15,000.0029/09/20231301/10/2025
HCC1104878The Provision Of Policy Management & Information Security Software & Support (MetaCompliance Advantage / Engage)MetaCompliance Ltd£16,380.8201/11/20213602/11/2024
HCC2314520The SaaS solution provides a repository process and architecture documentation, as well as a landscape of HCC’s software and hardware. This allows us to create maps of our as-is and to-be processes, high level designs of key architecture and links our IT software and hardware through those diagrams; to allow us sight of our IT landscape. It provides a single source of truth of our IT and applications landscape and has been part of HCC’s IT and application management toolkit for the past 5 years.Seattle Software Limited t/a Orbus Company£137,768.8001/04/20234831/03/2027
HCC2213570To design, build and maintain a booking system to support the introduction and operation of a commercial waste acceptance service within the recycling centre service.Pentagull£20,000.0001/07/20214830/06/2025
HCC2314895To implement an electronic online solution (E payslips) for Schools, Academies, and non-self-serve users to reduce the need to print and post payslips. Longer term rolling out to the whole council. £170,500.0001/02/20243631/01/2027
HCC2314936To provide a system for room bookings at Hertfordshire Development CentreStopford£42,000.0018/09/20233617/09/2026
HCC1911543To supply a management system to CPD Service DeskHornbill£28,177.4401/07/20193630/06/2025
HCC2315015TreeSize Professional -License and MaintenanceComputacenter (UK) Ltd£454.0025/08/20231224/08/2024
HCC2112839XVR Simulation On Scene 3 year fixed contract PackageeFire Service£40,650.0001/04/20213631/03/2024

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