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Ref.Contract NameSupplier NameTotal ValueStart DatePeriod (months)End Date
HCC1104461Building Cleaning - The Bishop's Stortford High SchoolChurchills Contract Services£375,000.0001/01/20126031/12/2018
HCC1205657Building Cleaning Contract for AshlynsEvergreen the Cleaning Company Ltd£400,000.0013/02/20136012/02/2020
HCC1205658Building Cleaning Contract for Bushey Meads SchoolEvergreen the Cleaning Company Ltd£285,000.0001/01/20133631/12/2017
HCC1205655Building Cleaning Contract for Hitchin Girls SchoolHayward Service Ltd£350,000.0001/01/20136031/12/2017
HCC1205145Building Cleaning Contract for North Herts SchoolsNightingale Cleaning Support Services£50,000.0001/08/20126031/07/2019
HCC1205792Building Cleaning Contract for Samuel Ryder AcademyHayward Service Ltd£110,000.0018/02/20136017/02/2020
HCC1205793Building Cleaning Contract for Sir John Lawes SchoolHayward Service Ltd£89,000.0018/02/20136017/02/2020
HCC1205659Building Cleaning Contract for St Albans District CouncilEvergreen the Cleaning Company Ltd£300,000.0001/02/20136031/01/2018
HCC1205656Building Cleaning Contract for St Clement Danes SchoolHayward Service Ltd£700,000.0001/01/20136031/12/2019
HCC1709863Building Cleaning for Hitchin Girls schoolHayward Service Ltd£550,000.0001/01/20183631/12/2020
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