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Hertfordshire County Council

If you are a member of the Hertfordshire LGPS, the easiest way to view, update and amend your pension scheme details, is via PensionPoint – your secure, online portal. If you haven’t registered yet, please visit and select the Access PensionPoint tab at the top of the page. The LPPA website also has lots of useful of information about your scheme – including fact sheets videos and tips on how your pension works. 

If you are a scheme employer in the Hertfordshire LGPS, please submit required data via the employer portal.  You can also access guides, information, training videos and more in the employer section on the LPPA website.

Members and employers can also contact LPPA by using the secure online contact form or by telephoning 0300 323 0260. 

Hertfordshire Pension Fund documentsContact details

Hertfordshire Pension Fund documents

Fund Policies


Fund Reports




Additional Voluntary Contributions


Archived Strategies and Policies


If you need an accessible version of the documents above please contact


Contact details

For any pension related questions, please contact the Local Pension Partnership via their website. Members • Local Pensions Partnership Administration (

This is where you can access Pension Point,  submit online queries via their secure online forms and have access to many pension resources.

Or you can still call their helpdesk on telephone number: 0300 323 0260.

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