When viewing our data, you can see a summary for the whole county or you can select from a range of geographic levels to find out about a specific community.


Interactive maps

Some of our data can be viewed on a map:

If you need an overview of an area, the best place to start is by looking at one of our Profiles. These show lots of data in graph and text format on a linear report. 

Static maps

You can view maps of council services, and more information on how we use maps and GIS tools, together with our guidance on how you can use Ordnance Survey maps and data.

Geographies in Hertfordshire

We try to provide data at as many of these geographic levels as possible:

  • County
  • Districts and boroughs
  • County electoral divisions (EDs)
  • District electoral wards (Wards)
  • Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs). Small enough to be considered neighbourhoods
  • Quadrants.  Used by our Family Centres.

The Office for National Statistics provide summaries of UK geographies. They also offer resources to support the use of geography in statistics in their Open Geography Portal.


All Ordnance Survey based maps on this site link to this copyright acknowledgement.