Headline data about Hertfordshire and its citizens. Also available for Districts.

Highlights from our other profiles, including population, economy, crime, health and wellbeing, education, housing, sustainability and transport.

Latest Census 2021 Data and the schedule of releases. Data will be added here and throughout Herts Insight as and when it becomes available.

Includes a map of all crime and data on all the different crime types. District and Ward level is also available.

Deprivation (IMD and domains) and poverty and the effects it has on life expectancy. Housing affordability.

Includes ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability and carers.

Summary data relating to all children aged 0-5 in Hertfordshire.

A statistical overview of Hertfordshire’s elected member constituencies.

Shows what a ‘typical’ resident in an area might look like by taking into account their demographics, finances, housing, behaviour and lifestyle

Population estimates and projections by age.