Our Health and Wellbeing courses are designed to improve your general wellbeing. Research shows that learning can have a positive impact on a person’s health.

All of our health and wellbeing courses are for adults aged over 19.

We believe in the value of learning to develop new skills, reduce social isolation, meet new people and increase a person’s confidence.



Scrapbooking made simple (10 hours)

Create a keepsake scrapbook using a range of paper crafting techniques.

Writing for Wellbeing (10 hours)

Write anything you like covering a different theme each session, be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry or more.

Writing for pleasure and profit (10 hours)

Learn how to make money from writing and effective ways to think about writing articles.

Out of the ordinary (15 hours)

Creative use of paper, fabric and   stitch to enhance your wellbeing.

Mosaic Stained Glass (15 hours)

Learn how to make stunning mosaics from stained glass.

Textile Art (10 hours)

An imaginative, fun course which   explores a variety of techniques to produce textile art.

Creative Textiles (10 hours)

A therapeutic, developmental course where you can learn various ways of being creative with textiles.

Weaving for Wellbeing (10 hours)

Learn how to design and produce your very own wall hanging on a frame loom using a variety of materials.

Learn to Crochet (15 hours)

Start from scratch learning the basic crochet stitches, how to read a pattern and how to use crochet tools.

Assertiveness (10 hours)

This course aims to develop your confidence through exploring personal values, attitudes to change, assertiveness and sources of inspiration.

Boost your confidence (10 hours)

This course will help you identify strategies for increasing your confidence levels, recognising your own values, skills & abilities and using lateral thinking to see the strengths in your weaknesses.

Mindfulness (10 hours)

Learn how to wake up to life and to live with greater intensity, greater clarity and find more fulfilment in your everyday experiences.

Meditation (10 hours)

A beginner’s course aimed at those wishing to explore meditation as way to enhance their wellbeing. During the course you will learn the benefits to health and well-being by using meditation and understand the different types and techniques of meditation for every day practice.

Pause for Thought – Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (10.5 hours)

Aimed at 50+ learners with mild to moderate dementia. Learn a range of cognitive stimulation skills to keep your mind active and engage with others. An ongoing maintenance course can follow.


For a list of live courses and to search for a course near you, please use our course finder, contact HAFLS on 01992 556194 or use our online contact form.