There are 82 individual children's centres in Hertfordshire arranged into 29 groups. Our profiles provide information about the local area to help them plan their services.

Summary profileA summary of the key data from each of the children's centre profiles.

Contextual profileThis data provides a context for the local area, including population, ethnicity and deprivation.

Health outcomes profileHealth indicators such as breastfeeding rates, child measurement programme and births.

Achievement profileEducational achievements, such as EYFSP and GCSE results.

Safeguarding profileIncluding child protection plans, road accidents and data from our Families First service.

Economy profileIndicators such as children living in poverty and benefit claimants.

Parent and carer satisfaction profileResults from the latest Parent and Carer Satisfaction Survey carried out in all children's centres.

Indicator calendarA list of the main indicators with proposed updates.