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About autism (including Aspergers)

A developmental condition that can present with social interaction and communication difficulties with repetitive and/or rigid behaviours. It's also known as ASD.

They may also have sensory difficulties which means that they can be over or under sensitive to sight, sound, smell, touch or taste.

Aspergers, autism and high functioning autism are no longer recognised medical terms (under the new classification).

Read more about autism (NHS Choices).

I think my child may be autistic

Speak to your doctor or health visitor. You can also talk to your school, college or childcare provider for support.

A diagnosis can only be made by a trained health professional such as a community paediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist through history taking, observation and/or specific assessment tools. This can be a time consuming process.

Other professionals such as speech and language therapists are also involved.

My child is autistic

The Communication and Autism Team may be able to offer support. A diagnosis is not needed to access them.

Health services may also be involved:

There are very many approaches, strategies and interventions for improving outcomes for children and young people with autism. These include SCERTS (Social Communication Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support), PECS (Picture Exchange System), VB/ABA (Verbal Behaviour/Applied Behaviour Analysis), TEACCH (Structured Teaching Approach), Intensive Interaction as well as others.

No two children are the same and approaches will be chosen and adapted to meet the particular needs of the child or young person.  Our specialist services provide advice, guidance and training and draw on these strategies and interventions to help schools, settings and parents understand and meet the needs of children and young people with autism.

Hertfordshire All Age Autism Partnership Board

Hertfordshire All Age Autism Partnership Board wants to improve the support provided to everyone that has autism.

Information for adults with autism