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You said, we did

 You said We did
It's quite a new doc. 0-25 Together Social Care Criteria. I found it on LO - from an embedded link in another social care doc. But, if you just search for it by name on either local offer it can't be found. On old LO this search comes up with just EHCP. On new LO it does bring up SC docs, but not this one. It's a very important and new document that parents will appreciate. Be good if 'social care criteria' was searchable so don't have to hunt through other sc docs.
Link to flow chart of processn for EHCP is missing Link fixed and is now displaying correctly
I am a parent to an autistic child and recently won ABA provision for my child both in school and in a non-school setting, at tribunal. I believe that you are therefore obliged to include ABA in your Local Offer and reflect the fact that at least one - if not more - families in Herts are receiving ABA and the criteria by which it has been awarded.

As you know, the Local Authority is obliged to consult and seek comments on the content of its Local Offer, including the type and quality of provision that is included, or not included (as well as information about any criteria that must be satisfied before any such provision will be made). Those comments must be published, together with any responses, in accordance with the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Doubtless you will keep this obligation in mind when considering this letter, and your response.

As you also know, the SEN Code of Practice says that "...the Local Offer provides a comprehensive, transparent and accessible picture of the range of services available "*

If you do not now include state-funded ABA provision, such as my own, in your Local Offer then I would argue that it is neither 'transparent', nor 'comprehensive'. You are not giving local parents a full picture of what is or might be available to them.

I look forward to your response within 14 days, confirming that ABA will be included within the Local Offer, failing which I would be grateful for an explanation of why you are not doing so. I will be seeking legal advice if I do not receive a reply, plus I would respectfully ask that this letter be included in the statutory comments section of your Local Offer website - the "Local Offer: Feedback" section on your own website.
Currently awaiting reply to this letter before leaving response.