Work Solutions – help finding a job

We offer tailored support to help people with an illness or disability find work.

Helping you to find work

We'll give you the help you need to find a job, apply for it and support you when you get it. We have work skills programmes that will give you the skills you need to feel confident applying for a job and going to work.

We'll help you every step of the way, just like we helped Robert:

Start your Work Solutions journey

Our 8 week Work Skills Programme will help you to become more confident and find out the type of work best suited to you and where to find it. You will also meet people and share experiences.

We also have a 5 week course for people with learning disabilities and difficulties. The courses include:

  • Building  your confidence
  • Recognising your skills and abilities
  • CV's and interviews
  • Searching and applying for a job
  • Help with money and benefits

The next step

When you finish the course you may be given an employment advisor who will help you find work. When you get a job, you'll get a job coach who will support you until you feel comfortable on your own.

To help you we can:

  • Help you start looking for work
  • Set up unpaid ‘work tasters’ with employers to help you decide what you want to do 
  • Talk to employers on your behalf
  • Help you settle into the role and offer extra training if you need it
  • Keep in touch with you and your employer to make sure everything is OK. 

Contact us if you're interested in the course of speak to your job centre advisor or social worker.

Information for employers

We can support you in recruiting motivated and skillful staff to suit your company. We'll provide ongoing support to you and your new employee for as long as you need and do this by:

  • Assessing the skills and abilities of our candidates
  • Matching them to the requirements of the job
  • Offering work tasters to ensure everyone is confident that the candidate can do the job
  • Giving advice on reasonable adjustments, disability issues and grants and funds available.
Contact us if you're interested.

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