Work Solutions – help finding a job

We offer tailored support to help people with learning, physical or sensory disabilities; autism and mental ill health find and stay in work.

Helping you to find work

We'll give you the help you need to find a job, apply for it and support you when you get it for as long as needed. Our staff will support you to develop the skills to feel confident applying for a job and going to work.

We'll help you every step of the way, just like we helped Robert:


Start your Work Solutions journey

When you are ready to look for a job, you’ll get an employment adviser who will work with you to help you find work. An employment adviser can help you by:

  • Building your confidence
  • Checking your money and benefits
  • Helping you to recognise your skills, abilities and the best job match for you
  • Writing a CV and preparing for interviews
  • Searching and applying for jobs with you
  • Setting up unpaid ‘work tasters’ with employers to help you decide what you want to do
  • Talking to employers on your behalf if needed and giving advice on disability issues
  • Getting funding for equipment in the workplace or for travel to work through the Access to Work scheme
  • Offering support to both you and your employer to settle into the role or with any extra training or guidance you may require in the workplace.


“Having had a breakdown and depression for a few years, Work Solutions helped me to regain the confidence to get back to work by arranging a 'Work Taster'.

As a result I was offered a full time role at the company and have been in position for 18 months.

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of Work Solutions”.


Richard - a Work Solutions client


The next step

When you get a job, you'll get a job coach who will:

  • Support you and your employer with any questions or concerns
  • Offer additional training where needed
  • Make sure everything is OK with your finances


“In the beginning, Matt’s job coach was instrumental in supporting Matt to keep his job, as he had a disciplinary meeting. Matt has Asperger’s Syndrome and finds it extremely difficult to express himself to anybody he sees as being in authority.

His job coach understood this and has explained, so both the line manager and Matthew understand what is going on. In my opinion it is due to his job coach visits that Matt can maintain his career at work”.


Pamela - mother of Matt, a Work Solutions client


Find out more in our factsheet. A large print version is available.

Information for employers

We can support you in recruiting motivated and skillful staff to suit your company. We'll provide ongoing support to you and your new employee for as long as you need and do this by:

  • Assessing the skills and abilities of our candidates
  • Matching them to the requirements of the job
  • Offering work tasters to ensure everyone is confident that the candidate can do the job
  • Giving advice on reasonable adjustments, disability issues and grants and funds available.


“We first had William for a few weeks work experience. This turned into a temporary contract and then permanent. He has developed so much and his confidence has grown along with his skills and knowledge of our company.

We're proud and delighted to be a part of the scheme that helps people like William gain back a normal working life following any difficulties they may have had. We believe this is an excellent idea and there is no doubt that it has been a huge benefit to us as company”.


Alison - Ramblers Worldwide Holidays                                      


Find out more in our employer factsheet.

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