Thanks for offering to feed back on SEND services. 

We want our services to be as simple and effective as possible for you.

It’s important that we test with users whilst we develop services to ensure we’re improving things for our customers.

We’ll only use the information we collect to see where improvements can be made to our SEND services.

Joining the online feedback group

  • You can join through our secure online form. We'll ask for your name and email address so that we can send you our feedback activities. We can't get in touch with you if we don't have this information.
  • We'll also ask for a bit of information about who you are. We want to hear from young people with SEND and parents/ carers of children and young people with SEND, so this helps us to find out who our group is made up of.
  • We'll ask you for the first 4 digits of your postcode, but this is optional. This helps us to know if we are getting information from people who live all around the county.
  • If you are a young person, we will ask for your date of birth and your areas of need. If you are a parent/ carer, we will ask for your child's date of birth and areas of need. All these questions are optional. If you are happy to tell us, we will only use this information to make sure we send you the activities that are most relevant to you.
  • Hertfordshire County Council (as the Data Controller) will keep the personal information we collect extremely safe.
  • We won’t share the information outside of Hertfordshire County Council. We won’t share your personal information with any other team within the council.
  • We may share the information collected within the survey with other teams in the council. However, your response will not be personally linked back to you.
  • Use our unsubscribe form if you’d like to leave the SEND online feedback group at any time.

What we'll send you

When we email you, we'll send you either:

  • a link asking you to complete a survey (we use Smart Survey)
  • a link asking you to complete a task (we use online products Optimal Workshop and Loop11)
  • an invitation to do a phone interview
  • an invitation to attend a face to face session.

There may be times when we ask for personal information. This might include:

  • your gender
  • your age
  • your ethnicity

We ask for this information when we need those specific details to work out if a service is working for everyone in Hertfordshire, or if it is affecting people differently.

How we keep your data

We plan to keep your name, and any personal contact details provided, on an ongoing basis, as long as you're happy for us to do so, and haven't withdrawn your consent from the online feedback group.

We'll keep any personal identifying data we collect from activities we send you for 4 years (from the date of receiving the data). After 4 years, we will remove any personal identifying data from our records, if you haven't asked us to do so sooner.

You can ask to be removed from the feedback group. We'll take your details off our list and you'll no longer receive surveys from us. You can also ask us to remove any identifying personal data that we've collected from previous surveys you completed. You can do this using our unsubscribe form.

If you ask to be removed from the feedback group, we'll remove all identifying details from our records.

For more information on how we look after your data, view the Hertfordshire County Council privacy policy.