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Direct Payments for children and young people

Money given to a parent of a child with a disability, or to a young person with a disability aged 16 or 17. This allows you to pay directly for support.

To get direct payments, the child or young person must be:

  • between 0-18 years old
  • living in Hertfordshire
  • have a disability as defined by the Children Act and our Joint Disability Strategy.

Read the guide to direct payments for more information.

Using your direct payments

You can use you direct payments to pay for:

  • a Personal Assistant
  • volunteer expenses
  • services such as play-schemes, outreach, behaviour support
  • activities such as swimming, music and keep-fit.

Employing someone with your direct payments

You can use your direct payments to employ a personal assistant. Some people say this gives them the most control over the help they get.

This option comes with the responsibility of being an employer. This might sound complicated but you can get free advice about employing a personal assistant from the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity.  Leonard Cheshire helps disabled people in the UK.

Get advice about using direct payments

The 0-25 SEND Brokerage Team can support you and offer information about direct payments.

You can get free advice and help to set up your direct payments from Leonard Cheshire Disability, a charity which helps disabled people in the UK.

Direct payment forms

To be used by families who are getting direct payments.

Direct payment agreement
This template is available for families to read before confirming they would like to proceed with direct payments.

Direct payment bank details
Completed by the person getting the payments to set up a separate bank account for the money to be paid into.

Direct payment bank statement cover sheet
Completed by the person getting the payment to go with the bank statements that are sent to the council.

Declaration of criminal records
This is completed for each carer that will be employed through direct payments. This form should be completed with the carer and returned to the council.