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Hertfordshire Send Local Offer

It's important that those who interact with a young person with SEND in schools and colleges have the key information they need to be able to work with them appropriately and effectively. Sometimes new staff arrive, or the young person moves on from one team of teachers to another or from one organisation to another.  In these circumstances a short profile of the young person that contains key information about them can be extremely helpful and effective.

Informed by parents, college and school practitioners, we've designed a template called ‘About Me’. It's intended that, wherever possible, the template should be completed by the young person working with someone who knows them well, such as a parent and a teacher or learning support assistant.

Supporting information and guidance

We've also produced some guidance that explains in more detail how the template could be used. The guidance includes useful tips about what information might go into each section of the template.

Download the supporting information and guidance.

Template examples

The ‘About Me’ template can be used with young people with SEND across all settings i.e. schools and colleges, discrete and mainstream provision. It can also be used with children and young people of any age.

Download a ‘About Me’ profile of a student with SEND in mainstream provision.

Download a ‘About Me’ profile of a student with SEND in specialist provision.