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Hertfordshire Send Local Offer

The physical and neurological impairment specialists are advisory teachers who work with parents and professionals to support children and young people from 0 - 25 with physical and neurological conditions or injury.

What we do

Neurological conditions or injuries affect the way a person thinks, reasons, makes decisions and solves problems. It can also have an impact on attention and memory.

Our support includes:

  • advice and support for professionals and families
  • advice on how physical and neurological impairment can affect education
  • observation of children and young people and written advice to support them
  • advice on IT equipment that might help
  • work with the occupational therapist regarding access and adaptations to schools and transitions between schools

How to access the service

Complete a service request form, with parental consent for Integrated Service for Learning's involvement, and email it to your area team:

A Specialist Advisory Teacher will contact you and/or your child's school to take you through the next steps.

Children's Services customer call centre can be reached on 0300 023 4043.