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Hertfordshire Send Local Offer

The Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) team offer support to Hertfordshire settings where a parent or professional has concerns about a child or young person’s development in this area.

What we do

All professionals work together to support a 3 tier model of service for SLCN - universal, targeted and specialist services, for all children and young people. This includes advice and guidance to schools and settings (universal); early intervention for children at risk of not learning or socialising (targeted)and specialist support for those identified as needing assessment and intervention from the Speech and Language Therapy service.  This diagram represents those levels of support and how a child or young person may move between them.

To see how schools in Hertfordshire are expected to support SLCN and the approaches and resources that can help them, read the schools SLCN Quality Offer. To see how individual schools support pupils with SLCN needs, look for their SEND Information Report on the school's website.

All Hertfordshire schools have a link to an Educational Psychologist, specialist advisory teachers and a Speech and Language Therapist.

You can find out more about speech, language and communication here in the Local Offer or read more about the SLCN service here.

How to access the service

The SLCN service is universal and available to all parents and professionals who may have concerns regarding a child’s or young person’s development of speech, language and communication skills. In addition, a young person over 16 may self-refer if they have concerns regarding their speech, language or communication skills.

Email the SLCN team in your area:

or call Children's Services on 0300 023 4043.

Available information from other organisations

Other organisations' websites hold useful information:

Hertfordshire’s Family Centres, which offer a wide range of information and Drop-In clinics. If you are concerned about the language development of a pre-school child you will find information here

Talking Point

The Communication Trust

 What Works for SLCN




Guidance for settings on identification of SLCN is available in the form of leaflets posters by the Communication Trust here