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Hertfordshire Business Services

Hertfordshire Business Services (HBS) manage a variety of business units on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council offering a wide range of great value goods and services to groups and organisations including schools, local authorities, care homes and charities.

Hertfordshire Supplies
A catalogue and distribution service operating across the south east of England. The catalogue has over 16,500 products and includes everything from stationery to photocopiers and furniture.

Hertfordshire Contract Management Services
Manage cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts including arboriculture services. Also available are a range of other contracts including Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and bespoke signage.

Hertfordshire Reprographics
An extensive print and design service including full copier printing, bespoke printed items such as stationery, booklets and certificates as well as mail out services.

Hertfordshire Fleet Management Services
Manage a wide range of fleet activities and services including vehicle purchasing, leasing, hiring and repairs.

Hertfordshire Equipment Service
Provide ‘loan’ equipment to meet the clinical and social needs of the residents of Hertfordshire, following assessment by a health or social care professional. HES also includes the Wheelchair Service.

Surecare Supplies Limited
A limited company wholly owned by Hertfordshire County Council that provides a wide range of goods and services into the private sector across the south east of England.

Freedom of Information Requests
Malcolm Noble manages all FOI requests on behalf of HBS.  Malcolm can be contacted on 01707 292610.