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Hertfordshire County Council

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Disclosure log

The County Council receive around 1,500 information requests per year, but most of the information is sent to just one requester. The disclosure log is a place where we can make requests available to a wider audience.

Please check our disclosure log before submitting a request for information, as we may well have already respond to your question/s.

You can search our responses by keyword and date.

We have a duty to protect the personal information of the people that contact us. Therefore, in some circumstances we've removed information that might identify who has submitted a request. 

Publication scheme

As well as publishing our responses to requests, we also publish a great deal of data outside of the legislation. Take a look at the data we've already placed in the public domain, under our publication scheme.

If would like for us to add further information to our publication scheme, you can ask us to publish a new set of data.

Make a request

You have the legal right to request any information that we hold and to get help and from us in accessing that information.

You can make a request for non-personal information by completing our form 

You can also send your request by post to:

Information Governance Unit

Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DQ

Requests for information are covered by the Freedom of Information Act if they:

  • Are made in writing (email or letter)
  • include the name of the person making the request
  • include an email or postal address for correspondence
  • describe the information requested

We will respond to these requests within 4 weeks.


Fees and charges

Charges for disbursements such as photo copying, printing and postage

If you request that the information that you have applied for be sent to you in hard copy, then the County Council may seek payment from you to cover the cost of such disbursements. In line with the information Tribunal Decision of David Markinson v Information Commissioner, the County Council will charge 10p per A4 sheet of printing or photo copying and we may also seek payment for postage of those documents. For any documents over 100 pages, a fees notice will be issued and that fee will be for the total number of pages that require printing.

If payment is requested, you will be informed by the Information Access Team of the fee required and how to make the payment. Once informed of the fee you will have 60 working days to make the payment as requested, if payment is not received by that time, then your request will be closed.

We sometimes charge for specialist information or to provide data in a specific format. We'll let you know if there's a cost before we give you any information.


Information we can't provide

We are committed to openness. However, sometimes we won't be able to give you the information you ask for. These exemptions include:

  • Information which is already accessible, for example through our publication scheme
  • Personal data about people other than yourself.

If we're not able to supply you with the information you request, we'll write to you within 4 weeks to let you know why.

You can read the full list of exemptions to see why we can't fulfil certain requests.


Appeal a request

If you're not happy with how we handle your request or have not received the information you wanted you can request an internal review.

To make an appeal contact the Information Governance Unit.

All of our decisions are subject to the Information Commissioner's appeals procedure.

Re-use of public sector information

Information is available to the public by way of access to information legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR). When requesting information, the applicant can also ask to re-use the information if it is released.

Re-use means the reproduction of the same information in a way that it was not originally intended for. This could include copying, adapting, developing or re-using for commercial purposes. Information released under FOI or EIR can be re-used providing you have our permission to do so. Without permission you may breach copyright law. If we do allow re-use, it must be done in accordance with the regulations.

If you wish to make a request for information for re-use purposes please complete this form.

Upon receipt of your request for re-use under the regulations, the County Council has 4 weeks in which to respond, although this timescale can be extended if the request is extensive or complex. The information is collated and decisions will be made regarding the following:

  • If the information can be released
  • If the information can be re-used
  • If a licence for the re-use is required
  • If a charge applies

We will advise you of the above together with conditions for re-use and any fee that may apply. This must be paid before the information is released. The information will be made available in an electronic form where possible.

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