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Local groups

Your GP can refer you for a free 12 week subscription to Slimming World or Weight Watchers if you meet the following criteria:

Criteria for a free weight loss referral

You must be over 16 years old and have a BMI of:

  • over 30

You should also be motivated to lose weight and able to attend weekly meetings.

You are not eligible if:

  • you're pregnant
  • you have an eating disorder
  • you've attended Weight Watchers or Slimming World in the last 3 months.
  • you've been referred by your GP before.


Weight loss programme in Stevenage, Watford and Three Rivers

If you've tried other groups and nothing has worked, our free weight loss programme could be for you.

Check the following criteria to see if you're eligible, then ask your GP or practice nurse for a referral.

Criteria for our weight loss programme

You could be eligible if:

  • you're registered with a GP in Stevenage, Watford or Three Rivers areas
  • you're over 18 years old
  • you have a BMI of over 30
  • you're not pregnant
  • you've attended Slimming World© or Weight Watchers© in the last 12 months or you've had an NHS Health Check with a QRisk2 score of 10 or more.

Weight management for men aged 18–60

Watford Football Club is running SHAPE UP Herts, a free 12 week weight management course for men aged 18–60. Shape Up leaders and members of the programme explain how Shape Up is making a long-term difference:


Advice for parents

Community Support

  • Beezee Families - This is a free family programme for overweight children.

Pregnancy and healthy eating

During pregnancy or if you are planning a pregnancy, it's important to continue to eat a variety of different foods daily to get the right balance of nutrients that you and your baby need. You may have an increased appetite but you don't need to eat for two.

NHS advice for having a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Foods to avoid in pregnancy.

Healthy eating advice from Start4Life.

Vitamins and supplements for pregnancy.

Find out if you qualify for Healthy Start vouchers.

Early years

  • Start4Life - healthy eating advice from pregnancy through to your child's 2nd birthday.

At school